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MOSCOW (September 9, 2015) – From 10 to 20 of September Toronto will host the 40th International Film Festival – TIFF. The festival embraces the most significant and bright works created not only by the famous cinema figures, but also by young authors from all over the world. The world premieres of the most promising films are held here as well. The main and the only prize goes to the work that is chosen by the viewers as the best.

Industry office, the business platform for the professionals, will traditionally be opened at TIFF. Apart from conference programme, workshops and famous filmmakers’ speeches, the international film market will take place. Russia will be presented at the RUSSIAN CINEMA stand organized by the Cinema Fund and supported by the Ministry of Culture. Since 2014 the RUSSIAN CINEMA stand is the official partner of the Toronto Film Festival. This year it will be the second time the RUSSIAN CINEMA stand works in cooperation with ROSKINO. Today RUSSIAN CINEMA stand is the main platform for systematically promoting Russian cinema on the international level. In Toronto the stand will host 15 Russian companies distributing films and animation worldwide.

RUSSIAN CINEMA stand at film market during Toronto International Film Festival.

The next market, where the joint RUSSIAN CINEMA stand will continue its work, will be film market, which took place  during Toronto International Film Festival. It will be held from 10 to 20 September in Toronto.

The Toronto International Film Festival is the leading public film festival in the world, screening more than 300 films from more than 60 countries every September.

In general this year, the Cinema Fund is also planning to participate in international markets and exhibitions of audiovisual content, including major industry platforms in Cannes, Shanghai, Toronto.


Snow Queen 3 to Be First Chinese-Russian Co-Production

'Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice' is set to be a collaboration with Beijing's Flame Node Entertainment, marking the first time Chinese producers will have a say in a Russian movie.

Top Chinese animation producer and distributor Flame Node Entertainment is partnering with Russia's Wizart to produce the third film in the Snow Queen franchise.

The deal marks the first time Chinese producers will have a say in a Russian film and the latest evidence of growing closeness between Russia and China in the entertainment industry.

The two companies have agreed to jointly produce Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice, laying the ground for collaboration on both "financial and creative" aspects of the $10 million feature. The deal was signed in Beijing earlier this week to coincide with the Chinese release on 3,400 screens of the film's first installment.


Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

The Snow Queen is conquering Asia

Producer Yury Moskvin talks about the success of the Russian animation film The Snow Queen 2, coproduction with China and promoting Russian animation films abroad.

After travelling around the world for a long time, the two-part animation feature Snow Queen, made by the Russian company Wizart, will be shown across cinema halls in China. In this interview, the man behind the success of the series, producer Yury Moskvin talks about the success of the Snow Queen, coproduction with Chinese filmmakers and promoting Russian animation films abroad.


Source: www.rbth.com